[INFO] Sign up to SHINee’s FanCafe

Tutorial how to sign up at DaumCafe:

And this is how you sign up for SHINees Fancafe:

After you have registered, go to http://cafe.daum.net/TVNDRM (SHINee’s fancafe page), refresh, then follow the steps below:
Go, Go, Go international ShaWols. We can raise the number. It’s totally for free. (Of cause. I signed up too.) And you know the Daum Cafe ranking is the important one.
You know Cassiopeia reached their 800,000 mark on Daum Cafe and not the official Fanclub where you need to be korean and need to pay.

Let’s raise up SHINees Ranking! SHARE TO OTHER SHAWOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


N.B : Kalo menurutku pribadi, mending buka soompi aja.soalnya aku pake cara yang tutorigambar dari twicpic gak jadi… kalo tutorial yang dari soompi jadi..Mungkin karena penjelasannya lebih lengkap juga ^^

Credits: *alodia* @soompi & @candiceminho (Twitter)

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