[INFO] How to support SHINee on the “Oricon Charts”

The following sites will reflect your purchase/pre-orders on the Oricon Charts. The list below was assembled to help international fans and English speakers.
(In case you don’t know what the Oricon Charts is, please read here. In short, it is the biggest chart in Japan, it keeps track of daily DVD/CD sales)

1) CdJapan
Although you have to pay a shipping fee at CdJapan no matter how much your purchase is worth, what you benefit from the site are any sort of extra bonus that may come when you buy 1st press edition. Plus, the site has a very nice point system which can get you some free purchases in the future. CdJapan submits daily and weekly sales records to the Oricon charts.( what is 1st press and what is an extra bonus?)

2) YesAsia
This website will give you free shipping if your total purchase amounts to $39USD
However, unlike CdJapan, the site doesn’t provide any bonus that may come with 1st press editions. YesAsia submits weekly sales records to the Oricon charts.

3) HMV online
One of the largest online shops in Japan. The link given is the English version of the site, for international buyers. There is currently no info on when they submit their sales data to the Oricons, but they do submit it on a “regular” basis as they claimed in THIS e-mail reply.

To verify that purchases from the above sites do count towards the Oricons, please click:CdJapanYesAsiaHMV

Other popular sites that do not accommodate international buyers: Tower Records and Amazon Japan

For a full list of Orcion’s official partners, please visit: http://www.oricon.co…ank/index2.html

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